Personal Approach

Guiding visitors

By talking to visitors directly through video call, you can always
guide them towards their interests and minimize risks of them
getting distracted by other factors like ads, web browsing, media
content etc.

Building trust

Earn the trust of your customers by providing personalized
service experience through video calls, and gather your army of
loyal customers.

Simple Application

Global reach

It is no surprise that businesses, visitors and customers will gain
the access to reach any company at any time and place, without
spending a single cent.

Stay connected

Whether you are working, travelling or spending your time on a
vacation, now you can connect with your customers from any
desktop or mobile device without installing additional software.

Efficiency Improvement

Face-to-face interaction

Body language, facial expression and voice tone understanding
though video calls, will allow agents to read the air better and
prevent conflicts from further escalating, thus, improve request
handling times and have happy customers as a result.

Quality control

All of conversations, including video calls are stored on our
cloud servers. Increase your sales and customer satisfaction
index by reviewing and analyzing video call conversations of
your agents, pinpointing their mistakes and enhancing scripts.

It’s your call – it’s video call

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