Automated support

Stay online

Set trigger times for chatbots, and let them handle inquiries
when you can’t. To sort out your customers, enable chatbots to
handle requests 24/7 or set their time to your offline hours.

Guide your customers

Chatbots will walk your customers through preset chain of
informative data. Add paths, so chatbots answer all questions
or allow them to transfer requests to agents when necessary.

Effective requests handling

Let your staff focus on important tasks, while chatbots will
eagerly answer FAQs. Analytics will determine the most asked
questions, so you can create and edit appropriate answers.

Advanced support

Real-time guide

Become a reliable assistant by sharing screens with clients via
co-browsing feature and help them with troubleshooting,
finding relevant information or demonstrate your product.

Simplified file sharing

There is no need to send files to never ending email lists or
provide links. Now you can simply share the requested file
directly through your chat window.

Live support

Create agents and assign them to relevant departments.
Timely answers through video calls will ensure higher
customer satisfaction and reduce resolution times.

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