The fastest way to connect with your customers

  • Integrate Live Chat into your website
  • 1st Step
    Sign up for ivcbox live chat
  • 2nd Step
    Complete registration steps and paste the generated code into your website’s code
  • 3rd Step
    Start chatting with
    your customers

Adjust live chat’s colors to match your brand’s style

  • 1. Sign up for ivcbox and use the live chat
    Texting is one of the most preferred ways of communication
  • 2. Provide the best customer support
    Live chat helps agents to provide better customer support, since it allows them to compose proper replies to customers’ queries
  • 3. Meaningful conversations
    Messaging is a convenient way of interaction that allows visitors to get answers, review them and make right decisions


History of conversations is automatically stored on our
cloud servers and can be reviewed in a single report

  • Fill out customer profiles while chatting with them.
    E.g. name, email, phone number, interests etc.
  • It is always nice to know who you are speaking to.
    Agents can also fill their profiles and upload favorite pictures

Start chatting with your visitors today!

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