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Maximizing Conversion with an Efficient Live Chat SoftwareAugust, 2018

Modern customer support chat software is not an option but a necessity that drastically boosts sales and increases engagement. With a live chat widget that connects you to the customer, successful sales will quickly become a norm. However, it is critical to properly utilize this tool in order to maximize its efficiency.

There are two main aspects of a live chat customer service that should be taken into consideration:

- Compatibility with other tools and your website in general.

- How your employees talk to customers and what they achieve.

Technical aspects

Seamless integration of a customer support chat is possible only with enough knowledge and expertise. There are many popular CMS such as Joomla and WordPress, but also less popular systems that are also used to build and manage websites. Knowing how to implement software in each of these systems is imperative for success.

On the other hand, a multifunctional website and chat can be connected to other modules and marketing tools in order to work even better. Services like Google Analytics and Hubspot can be used in tandem with online chat software and provide valuable aid in analyzing conversion rates and improving your business model in general.

Communication is key

There must be a defined understanding of how the communication process should be constructed. There are several tips that you can use in order to maximize the efficiency of live chat for business.

Here they are:

Always be ready.

Having no active managers in a live chat is the worst mistake that you can make. Someone should be always available to answer questions from users. Some argue that not picking up a call is less of an issue.

Be quick.

The speed of a response is a very important indicator that many users consider when evaluating the level of service. If a chat widget remains lifeless for over 30 seconds after a customer sends a message, you may lose a potential sale.

Humanize communication.

Some businesses employ robots and force their employees to learn dull scripts dramatically reducing the engagement. Create trust and human connections between your business and its audience.

Train your personnel.

Staff members should be acquainted with modern selling techniques and be ready to describe the benefits of your product in a concise manner. Make sure to use transcripts to analyze how your employees handle specific situations. Teach them constantly.

Communication is a skill.

You may be very good at speaking via phone, but using a live chat for sales is a pretty tall task for inexperienced sellers. Learn how to start a conversation naturally and improve your writing.

Poke hesitant clients.

Users who have second thoughts may walk away. Add chat to website functionality and engage users who hesitate on the final stage of the sale. Poke them with a simple question like “Do you want to know about our ongoing discounts?”


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