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  • Live chat
  • Video call
  • Website analytics

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New generation tool for your website

  • Video and audio conferencing, live chat, screen-sharing, and video session storage in a database
  • Exchange files with your prospective customers
  • Find out more about your website and your system analytics
  • No need to install any third-party software
  • Our real-time analytic system can provide up-to-the-minute information about customers
  • Monitor activity as it happens on your site
  • Get and store client’s analytic info and easily enter client’s data
  • API access is available
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IVCbox features

Live chat

With IVCbox live chat, we provide a faster live chat feature where your message will reach your customers immediately. Additionally, we provide an instant file-sharing feature, where you can share files with a customer, or vice versa, without installing any software.

Database & CRM

Create and manage a database of visitors and download that information in multiple formats.

IVC Box Data Security

IVC Box provides advanced cloud-based security measures. All data kept in our databases are encrypted.

IVC box Analytics

Our co-browsing software and screen-sharing feature will allow you to track customer queries in real time. IVCbox tracks all customer activity. This does not require customers to install any third-party software.

Customers see benefits across industries:

Customer Service

Faster resolution times


Improved outcomes

Financial Services

Improved satisfaction rates

Workforce Management

Real-time communication


Expanded reach

Call Center Software

Improve and distinguish your call center software

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