Customer messaging live chat
and video call for business

Availability is the key to success
Be present - be successful

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Customer Support

Support customers
by all means

Customer engagement is now a piece of cake, help them with any queries via live chat or video call. If your customer is still having a hard time, you can always use the co-browsing or file sharing features
Raising sales with customer messaging

Make the right offer
at the right time

Now you can track customers’ activity on real-time basis and identify their interests. Target different categories of clients by storing and managing their profiles and activity data
Easy setup chat for website

Easy installation
and customization

It takes less than 3 minutes to set up the widget and integrate it with a website. You can easily customize and edit the app to your liking, and no additional software is required. API is available

Sales, Marketing and Automation Prospects

Live chat software

Live chat

Engage in conversations with customers in the most convenient way. Live chat software significantly increases customer activity and are proven to have a positive effect on online sales

Video call Software

Video call

Increases overall performance of operators and decreases request handling time. Face-to-face interaction grants you loyal customers and boosts conversions

Chatbot for website

Chat bot

Partially automates working processes of operators by answering to FAQ. Consults visitors on relevant goods and services, thus reducing the workload on employees

messaging software with analytics

Profile management

Find out what is important to customers, by tracking lists of requests and questions that were ever made or asked. Be informed about client interests, by monitoring their clicks on your website

Benefits in different areas

Customer Service
Customer Service

Faster resolution times

chat for education


financial services messaging platform
Financial Services

Automation of business operations

live chat is real time communication
Workforce Management

Real-time communication

videocall and live chat for healtcare

Expanded reach

Call center software
Call Centers

Additional channels

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